Here come the rain, here come the sun.
Hello and Welcome to Soupe de lait.
Every days, we live skateboard, we talk skateboard, we play skateboard.
This is a necessary for us.
Today, we want to make a part of skateboard, that why Soupe de lait is born.

I'm practically sure :
If the skateboard was a girls, she hasn't got blond hairs but ballerina to do switch tre and skirt to attract boys.
If skateboard was a song, this is a hip-hop song from NYC or a Neil Young song.
Skateboard is an master piece from Miro or Matisse.
It's your first coffee and cigarette and your first ollie, reconnaissance from the other skateboarders.
It's the waiting time for polaroid development and a positive on a luminous table.
An S8 filmed by Pierre Prospero, an interview of Scott Borne,
A completely crazy bowl made by Pontus Alv and his friends or a black and white picture by Eric Antoine.

I hope you will enjoy our soup.

Don't spit in the soup, 2007.