Pontus Alv, Vincent Gootzen, Quentin de Briey, Hugo Liard, Geoffrey van Hove, Kenny Reed, Chris Pfanner, Tom Derichs, Julian Dykmans, Muki Róstig and Scott Bourne are proud to introduce Dirt Ollies / Mongolian Tyres. In July 2004, they came to Mongolian, the result is printed and the dvd burned.

The completion of the book are well and the inside is a pure wonder.
There is many amazing pictures by Bertrand Trichet, Alexander Basile, Henrik Edelbo and you can read inside the travel diary of Scott Bourne.

Extract from the travel diary of Scott Bourne :

July/12th/04/ Ulaanbaatar
In the evening I stand out on the balcony and watch the nuclear sunset overtake the city. Small nomadic homes lay in the dust beside giant modern buildings. It looks like a burnt down Brooklyn 2004. A man on horseback with his child comes down a street as a car honks its horn and speeds by pulling a storm of dust behind it.
The man with his child seems unaffected. In the distance I can see cranes and smoke stacks emptying themselves into the air.

The sky forming a radioactive rainbow of oranges and purples, in the same skyline a Farris wheel turns slowly on the horizon. Old meets new in a clash that goes seemingly unnoticed by the Mongolian people. To walk the streets of this city a man can easily find himself embarrassed to be alive, to be human, and at the same time all a man needs to do is take a short car ride into the countryside, to once again feel privileged to be alive, to be human, and take the air into ones lungs. If there is black and white or night and day, it is, easily visible from this height - here high in the mountainous regions of Mongolia.
(Scott H. Bourne)

The artistic video realize by Henrik Edelbo is very sympathetic, good footage, the edit is well but i got a regret for the song ...
Henrik shot few scenes with a Super8 camera and he got amazing render.
Guys, thanks for all.

You can check the trailer the trailer and buy the limited edition box ...