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dimanche 2 septembre 2007

casio 300fps shizzle dizzle

LONDON UK, August 31st, 2007é─ýCasio Computer Co., Ltd., announced today that it is developing an entirely new digital camera with hitherto unseen high speed performance and image capture functions that make the most of its cutting-edge digital technologies. This revolutionary camera of the future will be able to take still images at an astonishing shooting speed, to catch fast-moving subjects at the crucial moment. It will also take movies that capture movement so fast that it cannot even be seen by the human eye.

a function that has only been possible so far with a limited range of professional movie equipment is used by casio in this new model called: Ultra-high speed burst shooting, it can handle 60 frames per second at full res ( 6mpix) and 300 frames per second at VGA
it catches motion faster than the human eye ever could, aint that a beautiful way to stop time and snap it in slomo! so the big question:
sbp's new camera?

get ready for triple pages sequence nollie inward heelfip nosemanny pivot switch flip out yeeeha

really check this out ! some examples to show the exact speed link

The first prototype will be on display at the IFA, a consumer electronics trade show, in Berlin, Germany, which opens on August 31, 2007.
hurry hurry up

more info casio website

Concrete or Die.

Bart et Roost vous invite a un événement hyper cool.
Il y aura a manger, à boire, a ecouter et un bowl a skater.
Et même le price money de Simon a dépenser ..!

Vous pouvez vous renseignez au prés de Roost (roost1974[at], de Bart (bartrampelberg[at] ou de nous (noki[at] ...

On se voit là bas ?


Le skater, il aime les belles chaussures, on avait compris. Il aime aussi les belles planches... Je crois que Cliché a tout compris!

La session du mardi soir ...

Au lieu d'aller faire des longueur à la piscine qu'est ce que tu atends pour checker leur mini ?!

Si vous connaissez un endroit ou mettre une mini à Bruxelles, c'est promis avec Ludovic on vous l'a fait !