I threw this park montage together real quick-like, just for a glimpse of a feeling of accomplishment. I usually find park footage to be pretty dull, but maybe it'll somewhat entertain somebody. Please disregard the bad filming, park footage seems so useless to me that I don't put much effort into it. This stuff is back from August 24th. Featuring Brad Stafford (on the left) and Scott Edgerton (to the right), who used to be good friends until they made the mistake of getting an apartment together. That quickly came to an end, and Scott moved away and joined the army. He was the best about trying tricks and getting footage around here. Leaving two people left in this town who I really skate with, maybe once every couple weeks if I'm lucky. Street skating and trying to get any footage just isn't even worth the effort these days. Everyone who I used to skate with has long since moved away, luckily for them. Hopefully I don't stay in this pit of depression called Hickory, North Carolina for the remainder of my life. Please excuse my whiny, rambling incoherence.