Alors que les russes ne m'ont pas encore révolutionné la vidéo de skate certains anglais en provenance de Sheffield s'acharnent et quand on voit le résultat ... on ne peut que les encourager et les remercier.
De plus leur site internet est bourré de petites perles animées et de cobranding super bien fait.
Pour que vous compreniez mieux la démarche je suis parti à la "recherche" de quelques informations ...

What is The Story Store?
The Story Store is a shop in Sheffield, City Of Steel U.K. started by Mark Baines and his friends. Mark Baines is a professional for the British skateboard company Blueprint. Story sells skateboards, clothing and skateboard related footwear.

Q. So is it skater owned and run?
Yes, of course...all the owners and the even shop manager Dan Mirza skate. So stop hating...S.O.S. game of skate boys? Flatground only! Bring it on Goffy.

S.O.S. game of skate is copyrighted from this moment on. Story reserves the right to all P.R. banners, stickers, Top Trumps and beanie babies associated with this event. Claim that glory.

Q. So how can I purchase goods? Story sounds sick I want to rep yo' shiznit! Do you do shirts?
Yes, we are putting together our own brand goods, slowly but surely, keep checking the store or website. You can even order online by clicking here or from the link at the top of the frontpage.

Q. Is there a shop video coming out? I wanna peep that Story Footy.
We are working on it. Story Media Master Matt Hirst is helming it with Magee. In the meantime, Story brings you quality scene videos from all over under the STORY FILMMAKERS GUILD label. Keep checking the news for updates.

Q.What is the f*** is The Story FilmMaker's Guild?
Three filmers connected with The Story Store had a brainwave that they could network with other up and coming skateboard filmers and put lots of interesting clips of people skateboarding on the site and even release DVDs of quality scene videos under the Story Store label. Why would anyone do this? Well, The Story Store is called Story because we feel local skateboard shops are a major part of the local scene's...uh.. story. You see the videos that a local skate shop produces, the people it sponsors and even the website it makes, helps promote this scene and makes sure the scene's story keeps being written. It would be nice if things worked out and lots of people could keep checking the little blog and contributing clips of their favourite local skaters and happenings...who knows? If lots of people kept checking it out, maybe The Story can promote your local scene and your local skateboarders could get recognition for doing wild stunts and wizard switch tricks. Anyway, it could all be a pipe dream for sure unless people get involved...keep checking the blog for the Guild's email address to send clips to. In the meantime The Story FilmMakers Guild's first DVD will be Kolma by Jussi Turunen. Jussi is one of the Guild's founders along with Dan Magee and Matt Hirst. Kolma was made for Jussi and friends in Varkaus, a small town in Finland, but Magee felt that you lot should be able to see top notch scene videos like this at an affordable price. Kolma will be released by Story in the New Year...More on this soon!

Q.'s for my bonite Mcgill. One last thing, why all the pigeons?
It's Queenie, our mascot. Nowt more British than a stinking flying rat. Anyway, she's not a flying rat, she's a specially bred carrier pigeon, trained specifically to deliver your brand spanking purchases! And before you ask where she lives...Her Royal Highness Queenie the pigeon resides on top of the monument overlooking Sheffield's premier skate spot "Pigeonshit Square"