Je vous avez déjà parlé de Justin White, c'est l'homme des vidéos Popills.
Il y a quelques temps je lui avait écrit une petite interview ... je viens de recevoir les réponses ...
Je suis conscient que ca fait un peu armée mais ...

- Name ? Justin White

- Age ? 23

- Job ? Video Production Teacher/ Staff filmer for Instant Winner Skateboards.

- City ? Thirsty New Jersey

- What are you doing ? Working on my video New Thirsty.

- Weather is fine ? Because in France it's very crappy. Its snowing here.

- Why did you choose to make skateboard videos ? Skateboarding, Friends, Filming, Fun.

- What do you think about the upcoming cinematechniques in skateboard video like the lakai video or nike sb video ? Lakai Video's intro blew my mind but Static 3 stole my heart.

- Do you like hollywood cinema or independent filmmaking ? Independent filmmaking.

- What is the best thing that skateboarding can offer you ? Good times + good friends= good memories

- Who would you like to make a video clip for ? Alien Workshop or Blueprint

- What do you dislike in skateboarding ? Cracks

- Imagine, you got money and few DV tapes, where do you go ? Drive to North Carolina pick up Scotty (Moore) and fly to Europe for 2 weeks.

- Who are your favorite artists ? Craig Metzger, Don Pendleton, Andrew Johnson, and Scotty more.
Le site internet de Justin.