- Can you introduce yourself ? How did you come to the drawing and skateboard ?

Bonjour, mon nom est Stefan Marx et j'habite dans Hambourg Allemane. I tried to learn the french language in school but i failed. Since i can think i love to draw. Skateboarding surrounded since a really long time now, more or less, i cannot name myself an active skater anymore but it's inspiring since day one.

- How did you make links between skateboarding and drawing ?

I don't know. I started with drawing earlier than with skateboarding. Skateboarding and drawing existed in my early years really parallel, but one interesting part was the skateboard graphic, this was a thing for your eyes, two dimensional. Skateboarding itself is really two dimensional in a big part, in the part of documentation. Skateboard graphics are expression, telling somebody something without words, only with images. You can speak with it. Strong images are fantastic, that was really fascinating me. The same with T-shirt graphics. In this part i link skateboarding and drawing, drawing skateboard graphics. Also i still get really inspired by skateboarding, even when i'm not skateing that much anymore.

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