I will never forget the day that I first saw PlanB's Second Hand Smoke. My friends and I had to drive 45 minutes to a crappy skateshop named 'Facelift' to buy it.
The shop didn't have a VCR... this killed us. We couldn't imagine turning around and driving another 45 minutes back home without watching this video. The anticipation among us was like a pot of boling water: the new PlanB video was in our possesion, but we couldn't watch it. It was the new younger brother to PlanB's Questionable and Virtual Reality videos. This defines hype in my book.
We studied the case closely, unwrapped it from it's shrink... fuck it, I'll admit it- I even smelled the video once we unwrapped it, as if it were some kind of fine cuban cigar or something. We had to improvise. Time was of the essence and nothing at that point was more important than seeing this video. There was an electronics store down the street. I walked in and told the salesman that I wanted to buy a VCR, but I needed to take it for a test run first.
There we were, six skateboarders in the middle of an electronics store watching Second Hand Smoke, volume up, Casual's Me-O-Mi-O thundering through the store as the salesman hovered.
I will never forget that sense of anticipation, excitement, and finally... relief after finally seeing the video. It did not disappoint. We were given the boot from the salesman right after Jeremy Wray's part- just in time. I didn't buy the VCR.

We recently caught up with one person who was in part responsible for filming and editing Questionable, Virtual Reality and Second Hand Smoke. It is our pleasure to introduce the Jacob Rosenberg interview.