Contacter Hadrien
Last update : 10/12/07

name: buhannic
fist name: hadrien
age: 17 years old
job: student
city: Paris

favorite spot, triks and meal: Macba at night is incredible, kickflips/sw heelflips-kickflips are always the best around , and for the meal i'll have to go with the french "entrecote frite"

where are you?: actually in my room in front of this stupid computer i spend to much time on.

what is the best thing that skateboarding can offer you?: the best thing? there is no best thing it's the hole thing that's incredible its a mix of everything you should want in your life : fun, friends, traveling, getting to meet different people, to discover different cultures: it's everything you would ever dream of.

what do you dislike in skateboarding?: I dislike some people's state of mind, and, sometimes competition may pas in front of friendship... witch is really not what you are looking for.

imagine you got new weelis, an airplane ticket, where do you go? : I'll definitly go to australia, mabe china.... one of these 2 whould be the best.

Hadrien Buhannic