Contacter Mathias
Last update : 13/09/07

- First name ? 


- Name ? 


- Age ?

14 years old

- Job ? 


- City ?

Suresnes FRANCE

- Favorite spot, tricks and meal ?

My spot preferred is MACBA, i love the switch heel flip and my meal preferred its stuffed tomatoes... MIAAAAAM

Where are you ?

I am in my room, in front of my computer, spirit to look at the bloby' s after a hard day has the school.

- What is the best thing that skateboarding can offer you ?

The best thing than the skate offer me its the fraternity

What do you dislike in skateboarding ?

That I deteste in the skateboard its the blue ones

- imagine, you got new wheels, a airplane ticket where do you go ?

I believe that I will go has Barcelona because its so much a super city for the skate, a embience of insane, skater of insane which motivates you too and you meets so much world in little time... The perfect city.

Mathias Labelle