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Could you please introduce yourself ?
I am 23. I am interested in skateboarding and painting.

What is a typical day for you ? How do you usually begin your day ?
I start by not eating breakfast and leaving the house very soon after i wake up. I either go to my studio to paint, or i go to meet Ches or Ben to film.

How did you begin skateboarding ? When did you try it for the first time ?
I was about 9 years young, i saw a guy skate outside my house a few times and i was like, wow! I really want to do that!

Ok, let’s talk about Fully Flared video.

How was the filming ? Was it stressful ?
I mean of course it was stressful, it still is. Because i don’t know weather i am 100% happy with my stuff. However i always feel like that.
Generally speaking i am really stoked on it though, just to be involved is a huge privilege.

Compared to Lost & Found, which one was the most pleasant to film ?
Maybe there’s one of these two parts that you prefer to the other one, which one ? Why ?

I prefer Lost and found, but that’s because of the timing, what it did for me, etc. It was different filming for that. You had way more control over your footage, you could go to Dan's house and see the footage and then discuss certain parts you did or did not like.

How do you feel when you think that Koston, Mariano and Howard are in the same video than you, and that the video is particularly awaited ?
In your mind you “compete” with them, or you skate in your way without caring about the level of your team mates ?

Kinda. I don’t really think too much about who else s in the video. I do live 1000's of miles away from them physically so i managed to live a few hundred miles away mentally.

Did you spend the beginning of winter in London or somewhere else? Do you have planned trips ?
Yeah i always skate British winters, it makes you stronger. I just love representing the country i grew up in. Next trip i am on, is to go see my brother in South Africa!

Do you like French bands and English wine ? Or do you prefer every country has its specialty, English rock and French wine ?
Oh yeah, you have to explore every aspects of culture in Life. I mean i love French wine, French bars and French scenery. It's beautiful. When i am in London and i am sipping on a Merlot i think of Bordeaux.

Do you drink a lot of tea ?

Have you got particular projects for future ?
An exhibition this Thursday !
It’s going to be amazing this is get me
(exhibitions part)

What would be your recipe of “soupe de lait” right now ?
Computer, dreamweaver, booze, car and paint, i have it all over me.

Thank you Nick, have you got some thanks to do ?
i will just thank my beautiful dog Ellie.

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Interview de Nick Jensen réalisée par Aurélien bé, le 20 janvier 2008 pour Soupe de lait.