Two years in the making, my second skateboarding video, “Cake!” is finally finished. The editing process was very rushed in a failed attempt to meet a deadline, but it turned out surprisingly well, in my humble opinion.
It’s a video out of the small town of “Bumblefuck”, North Carolina, United States. So, professional-level skateboarding should not be expected. But it’s definitely at a high enough level to create an enjoyable viewing experience. “Cake!” is a fun video, and was a fun video to make.Frustrating at the same time, but the fun overrides the frustration, just like with skateboarding.
It's surely a video worth checking out.
I certainly don't think you'd be disappointed.

Feature Length: 37 minutes
Format: DVD
Skaters: Scott Edgerton
Kaleb Jones
Cory Morris
Matt  Bowman
Marquice Streeter
Brad Stafford
Many More...
Bonus Features:
Skatepark Montage
and a Pulp Fiction scene remake featuring the masterful acting of Mr. Brad Stafford.
The video present in this page is the introcuction of cake! video.


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