the guy below already has a nice amount of hospital visits on his name, i remember last year he got himself in the hospital after he slipped out on his flip bs tail and the iron cooping from the fucked up manny box cut into his leg for 10cm long straight to the bone. his leg always had blood on it since then. he's also my homie and today we felt like we needed to skate again cause it already have been a while. Sunday afternoon, like usually.. getting sober again and trying to find out what your gonna do for the rest of the day. while the whole city was unskateable by the fucked up weather of the last few days we drove to a local wooden spot who was pretty dry, fooled again. he slipped out and his board slammed on his leg and cut open again and a few hours later stive tried the same spot and slipped out and landed on his side and got a dislocated wrist.

barry tilley
ending the day with a small miniramp sesh at my local skatepark

badass lens looker. Arben Nuhiji