All footage sent and used will be compensated for.

The video will be distributed world wide and is currently unnamed.

The "Mission" behind this video is to give back the same kind of help I've received that has led me to this point thus far.
Therefore there will be some minor guidelines for you all to consider.

What I'm mostly interested in is footage filmed by you deserving individuals of skaters presently unknown, but good enough as a skater and a person to be given an international spotlight in a professional video.

Other than that, the criteria is completely open and I am also open to any ideas and suggestions in regards to the video in any way, INCLUDING the editing and organizational concepts for the parts and montages.

I'm not looking for a particular style or look. Nor am I concerned about utter perfection, but creativity is a huge plus!

This video will represent what skateboarding really is underneath the surface of an overly competitive industry. The ART of skateboarding is what this is about, along with the people and situations involved behind the scenes.

Again, the goal of the video is to help all of those skaters/filmers that deserve it the most, and even almost. This is a "homie" video for all of us to partake in. When it really comes down to it, this is EVERYONES' project.

I look forward to support and ideas from anyone interested. Again, footage used WILL be compensated for.
The due date for the video will ultimately come down to the amount of support it gets from you all, but is ideally one year from now or less. This should give anyone interested in a full part enough chance to make it happen!

If you would like to send in footage, or if you have any questions or comments that you would like to discuss away from this forum, here is my contact info:

Mike Svenson 1828 Irving St. San Francisco, CA 94122


Feel free to send footage via, or But if this is your route, please email me a notice along with the footage that contains your contact info! I will be checking back here often for updates and to answer any general or specific questions.

Thanks to everyone out there!
Lets make this video happen together!


Mike Svenson

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