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vendredi 7 septembre 2007

going indoor

the weather kinda sucks lately so the indoor park visits are coming back, long time ago i shot some indoor photos, kinda like it to play around tho
and pretty fun when you ride with these guys

ben daeleman blunt

jarne verbruggen

new ipods in store

steve job's keynote was once and again truly amazing, i love to see his presentations, everytime the world goes crazy when he's flippin his big size screen to the new apple product, this time it was the new generation of the ipod and itunes, from now on you can make and buy ringtones on itunes for your future iPhone which should be in stores in Europe around november i guess and cruise through your albums with cover flow. the ipod shuffle didn't really changed.. only some new colors but the ipod nano aka best music player ever sold got a serious makeover. Apple asked some reactions of the ipod nano users and they all said the same thing: video! so apple has produced one of the first high res 2 inch Lcd-display with blue-white led lighting and a resolution of 320x240 on 204ppi so you can watch your favorite videos on ipod nano too! it comes in 2 versions: the 4gb version goes for a €.149 and the 8gb version goes for a €.199. But when apple does something new it's always something big, the new ipod 'classic' is what they call the normal sized one is now upgraded to a 80gb standard €.249 and a 160gb big version €.349 also pimped with cover flow. fuck yeah 40 000 songs in your pocket everyday feels nice i guess.
But when apple announced the iPhone they said it was the best ipod they ever made, so by making these new ones shouldn't they be rocking the world with some even nicer ones? yes they are!
ipod Touch comes in stores too! it's a multi functional ipod that comes with wifi to browse on the internet with safari. the touchpanel is amazing as you know the iphone which is practically the same design and electronics but only thinner. only this one isn't that big, only 8gb for a €.299 and 16gb for €.399.
Also worth to mention is that you can now help the aids thing by buying a red version. earlier this year you could only do this with the ipod nano but now every ipod (exept the ipod touch) comes in a red version to support the people who are working on it.

you should check the features and colors ! more info apple website